Sunday, May 30, 2010

The Coming Slave Religion, Part 4...Revealed At Last!!

Last time, we discussed the very controversial topic of the Jews, and the role they may be playing as we march toward a New World Order. As it turned out, they may not be behind every bad turn humanity seems to be making after all. In fact, it seems more likely that they too are being “used” by our hidden masters, to help usher in the NWO, just as other various groups have been used. Our conclusion was that their unique traits as a people, possessing a strong identity, left them well-suited for more than just a bit-part in the whole affair.

And so after taking this long tour, exploring religion from the point of view of those in power, we can draw some preliminary conclusions:

First, religion is useful for the effective control and management of people, due to the principle that self-control, will always be more efficient than any external means of control, such as police.

Second, it is reasonable to assume that those in power have long ago recognized the fact that religion is so important for their ends.

Third, to achieve their goal to expand their power with the assistance of religion, they might easily create religions and organizations, clubs and lodges, that they deemed useful for their ends. They could also infiltrate and subvert existing religions / organizations, to bring them under their influence, and eventual control.

Fourth, nations / peoples would also be subverted, harnessed and controlled. The key idea here, if a people should possess an identity, that identity would tend toward cohesiveness, which would mean that the entire group could potentially be mobilized, if necessary. The stronger the identity, the more potent the tool, and thus the Jews were logically “chosen” to play a central role in bringing in the NWO, since those in power would be unable to resist harnessing such a useful force, as they pursued their goals.

But these subversions were not occurring in a vacuum. Everywhere, through every channel, people would be recruited to the cause, most unwittingly, as various banners went up, and people naturally followed. Socialism, Communism, Naturalism…”ism” after ism could effectively divide the masses (so later they could more easily be conquered). Religious revivals and denominational divisions, new cults, new evangelism, and even the deployment of technology to put emphasis to that which best furthered the over all agenda, all this was coming into play. Perhaps those in power did not write the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion, but they could have. As mentioned in the Protocols, through the professions, science, academia, politics and of course, churches, synagogues and lodges, all would proceed according to plan, which would eventually deliver a powerful hegemony to the Chosen. Or, were they only patsies, playing their role?

It’s time to take another step back, to better appreciate the immense power that is apparently unfolding before us, as we consider those in power, who have for centuries (some say millennia), worked to consolidate and perpetuate their power. If you have been persuaded that there are indeed very powerful people, multi-generational families, nobility and royalty, that have the wealth, power and desire to extend and maximize their power, then it may be easier to accept that they have already achieved a high level of success. In other words, the world we see today is in fact a “product” of those aggressive pursuits of power, and the landscape we look out on to, was made by them, and for them.

This includes most especially that which you believe. They have enjoyed the power to create, and subvert religions for many generations. They also have the power to virtually rewrite history, as it suits them. They harness whole nations, pit one against another, control finance, and therefore economies. They appoint judges, they have Presidents elected, and make sure that their media organs comply, all to weave a web, or perhaps better put, to fashion the chain, forged to enslave your mind.

All this has already come to pass, and yet, the plan is not yet complete. Remember, the only thing you would want as the wealthiest person in the world, would be more power. Such an insatiable dynamic has governed the evolution of society, and is behind all of history, even if they should shroud it’s truer versions.

With all this in mind, imagine now if you will the “perfect” religion for those who would serve you. They would dogmatically embrace, all that you have dictated. They would not just obey you, they would imagine that they were in obedience to the highest entity imaginable! They would, in their enslaved minds, obey God, and yet, you would know that it was you to whom in fact that they gave obedience, since it was you who had given them that which to believe. Perhaps you are a cruel master, but no worries, the slaves will not revolt! They truly believe that they must obey, this is their lot in life. And perhaps afterwards, they can imagine a “heaven” where they might finally “rest”, but for now, they must SERVE! Doesn’t this sound at least a bit familiar already?

Time to rejoice! This wonderful slave religion is already here, hallelujah! No, rather Baha’u’llah! It is called the Baha’i Faith, and while relatively “new”, it goes back only 150 years, it seems uniquely suited for the world’s slave population. It conveniently embraces ALL the main religions of the world, and claims to be where each of the old religions always pointed to. A universal and incredibly inclusive monotheistic religion that is based primarily on Islam, Baha’i also reaches out powerfully to Christians, and even Jews. Almost unbelievably, followers of Krishna and Buddhists also have a special place within Baha’i! No wonder it is the “religion of the United Nations,” but more on that later.

This religion, far ahead of it’s time, is completely tolerant of all. Since they don’t believe in Satan, or evil in the usual sense, they also seem to have no fear whatsoever of concentrating all power into one world government. They also advocate one-world language. Total equality of women worldwide (still an issue within Islam of course). One-world court. One universal calendar. They hold inter-racial marriage as a high ideal! They were pushing for a League of Nations as far back as 1875. And on and on.

You would be hard put to formulate a more syncretistic religion if you tried. It is as if someone thought about exactly that. The question may have been, “What kind of religion could we envision for all mankind, while taking into consideration the enormous differences that presently exist?” Answer: Baha’i. “What kind of religious faith could result in the eventual eradication, through mixing, of all races?” Answer: Baha’i. “What sort of universal quasi-religious concepts could possibly advocate one-world government? Answer: Baha’i. And again, on and on.

In order to create such a religion, one would have to accept the reality of a long-term plan. Perhaps the questions imagined above were asked at some point, but consider that it may have already been centuries ago. In preparation, some key pieces would have to be “pre-positioned”, so that at the appropriate time, all could fall into place.

Enter the United States of America. Yes, even the founding of a nation would have something to do with the “religious” part of the plan. The significance of America is that she is the world’s present “universal” nation. Not since Rome, and perhaps before that, since the ancient Atlantis of myth, has there been a nation on Earth that could lay claim to some semblance of universality. True, England accomplished an Empire where the sun would never set, but they could never quite qualify as a universal center, due to their history. On the other hand, that old English power could be seen to continue to this day, through America, but now adequately sanitized of it’s ugly past. And so a proto-type “universal nation” was created, that would one day play a central role in “universalizing” the entire world, into one body.

Within this young USA, not long after it’s founding, a young Joseph Smith made some incredible revelations. He said that he had found Golden Tablets, met with God / Jesus and / or the Angel “Moroni”, and then took dictation for what would become the famous Book of Mormon. Interestingly, Mormons “coincidentally” utilize much Masonic symbolism, but then again, many believe that the Prophet Smith was a Mason. Also, here was a recent example of a “Christian” church, that advocated plural marriage! Can we think of another major world denomination that has a Prophet, and also advocates plural marriage? Yes, Islam. Mormonism, seen from this perspective, is a kind of “Christian Islam”. My goodness, if we could just get yet another “Big Tent” religion to enter the scene, perhaps something interesting might still happen!

And now, back to Baha’i. Back in 1912, the leader of Baha’i actually came to America, and toured, making speeches, and making “prophesies”, etc. In one famous prophesy, he said “Armageddon” would begin in two years! Two years later, the First World War, which today is interpreted accordingly. But he also preached about the coming one-world government, and for some odd reason, made a special stop at…Salt Lake City!

His name was Abdu’l-Baha, son of Baha’u’llah, and he headed straight for the Mormon Temple! There, it is said that he “knocked” (on the East door), but it was not opened to him. Perhaps of no importance you may be thinking? On the contrary, the stage was now set!

Until next time…

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