Monday, August 29, 2011

Above Top Secret: Banned!

Well, I hope it was "just a mistake", but it has been more than a year since I used this blog, so it's good to warm it back up I suppose.

Yesterday, I tried posting a special fictional story to ATS, "Above Top Secret", an alternative news, conspiracy website.

For some reason, when I posted my thread, their system crashed!

This morning, the website was back up, so I tried reposting my fictional story again.

BAM! The site goes down again.


So, I go away for a few hours, hoping whatever the problem was will be corrected. I come back, and have some "U2U" messages, one from ATS top dog owner "Skeptic Overlord", with some explanations that my story contained violations, and or, was too long, etc.

Another U2 message was (seemingly) from another member, asking what happened to my thread, the one about Comet Elenin. I go to answer, and immediately upon hitting "send", get the big screen that says "You've Been Banned from ATS!".

Crazy stuff.

Anyway, I sent a message direct (you know, in case it's a mistake), I'd like an explanation. Of course, the goofy screen they use to tell you you're banned almost makes you think it's a joke.

Anyway, will post more, as I learn more.

For those on ATS who "find" me here, congrats! This blog is so old, you would have to be a genius to locate it.

Thanks for reading.


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