Sunday, July 14, 2013

Zimmerman Not Guilty, But the Media IS

No matter what we individually think about the verdict in this latest "top news" trial, the fact is that the media played a central role throughout the whole sordid affair. And why is this?

The sad truth is that this is just another example of the public being manipulated by the media. How so?

Let's first ask, why is this case so damned important to begin with?

Is it because such things are rare, people being shot in the midst of their violent acts?

Maybe it's because of the youth of one of the parties in this tragedy. Surely, 17 year-old black kids being shot must be what is so rare, meriting all the attention of the media.

Or, is it that self-defense is such an unusual plea, when things go wrong?

Maybe it is because Obama poked his nose into it. Well, that could make it "news", but he came in well after the fuse had been lit. By the media.

Was it really "race profiling", and the perfect example of what can go wrong with it? If so, then perhaps it is just a responsible media wanting to bring much needed attention to an issue too often ignored. Right?


OR could it be that The Powers That Be saw enough drama here to be useful in their plan to keep the black community "angry", knowing that it was very likely that Zimmerman would have to be acquitted. Think about it. Way back in the beginning, there was probably a good reason the cops didn't arrest Zimmerman, and charge him. They had seen the (lack of) evidence. But, thanks to the media, he was eventually arrested, and the political circus began.

Hmmm. Why would they want to do such a thing?


Unfortunately, black people have proven that they are easily controlled. It doesn't take much to push their buttons, inflame the simmering rage that lurks just beneath the surface.

Of course, can you blame them for being so angry?

YES, and NO.

No, we shouldn't want to lean too hard on blacks who feel like victims, when the media messages constantly reinforce, reignite, and inflame their rage, by selectively propping up cases that seem to "prove" the never-ending injustice they have been conditioned to accept as their "reality". From their point of view, anger is well justified.

But, YES, we might be tempted to blame blacks for remaining so angry, when all the facts show that things are often the exact OPPOSITE of how they feel. What if their anger is NOT so justifiable after all?

BLACK CRIME is the huge elephant in the living rooms of the liberal media. The issue of black crime is so large that it makes our media appear to be downright negligent, if not worse, in their constant false portrayals of black victimhood.

IN FACT, black-on-white crime is hugely disproportional, even mind-boggelingly so, and yet, the media persists in painting away these facts.

Black "kids" killing white babies, in front of their mother? That's apparently not news.

Black men invading a home and brutally beating and raping a white woman in front of her young kids? Well, that was last week's news! But, why haven't we heard about it?

WHY? Could it be that the media is protecting "us" from something like an inevitable "white rage" that could one day become a battle cry in a "race war"?

This may seem farfetched, until we realize how manipulated we are. What happens when the day comes along that the media decides to turn the tables? Then what?

How would this look? Well, for decades they have kept black people "angry", and by all appearances, on the brink of violence, riots, etc. The pump has been primed.

But what happens when white people "discover" some unsettling statistics about black crime? Perhaps the media will begin running stories that include almost unbelievable statistics, like black STD rates, or such as how it is so much more likely that a white woman will be raped by a black man, than a black woman by a white man.

How much more likely? How about 7,500 times more likely! You read that right. Over seven-thousand times is it more likely that a rape will have been committed by a black on white, versus the other way around.

As incredible as that sounds, it's just one of an ocean of statistics that are far more than just troubling.

The MEDIA NEEDS TO BE MADE ACCOUNTABLE for such monstrously disproportionate selective reporting. They are not merely misleading, they are LYING, and in a very big way. There probably will be consequences at some point.

WE ARE BEING MANIPULATED! Both black, and white, and all the rest, we are being manipulated. We can so easily be set up for whatever they want. They could very well be engineering an eventual unleashing of violence that few expect, and may not even see coming.

AND HERE'S THE TWIST...It could be that blacks were always the ones that our masters planned on getting the short-end of the stick. Maybe when they think the time is "right"...?

Sure, it may not look like it now, but think about it. Even if a race war never materializes, every time there is a riot, just who do you think mostly ends up hurt, imprisoned or dead? Yep. BLACK people, mostly.

Black people, are you being played? I think we are ALL being played.


Let me ask you, dear reader...


I'd like to hear your comments.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Snowden: The truth hurts...

Is Snowden a "traitor", or just a whistle-blower, a man who courageously did the right thing, in spite of the cost to him personally?

Regardless of our opinions, Snowden has tipped the hand of our masters. Not only do they not respect our "right" to privacy, they have no intention whatsoever of ever doing so.

Try to remember this the next time you hear people singing about "the land of the free". It just isn't true anymore, and sadly, hasn't been for quite a few years now.

And while we're at it, what are your feelings when they get to the line "the home of the brave"?

I, for one, stay silent these days while others sing the old patriotic hymn. It would be hypocritical of me to stand there saying words that are no longer true.

If you still believe these words are true, please comment, let me know why you think so.

A final thought: What if we all stopped singing along?

Sunday, March 10, 2013

March 22, 2013 ... Skull & Bones 322

Lots of people are talking about the significance of this number "322", with many thinking it very likely that it has to do with a date, March 22nd, just around the corner.

For those who have read some of my articles treating of occultism amongst world leaders, it will be no surprise that I am paying attention to events as this date looms.

If you have not heard of this before, a brief explanation is in order. It was "W" Bush's famous membership in his Yale fraternity "Skull and Bones" that first brought this organization into popular view. Their official symbol is perfectly in sync with their name and resembles a pirate flag, literally a skull with cross-bones beneath it. What doesn't get talked about as much is the number below the cross-bones, "322".

Both Bush, and his "opponent" Kerry were members of this elite Yale frat, and were asked in interviews about the meaning of this number, and both refused to "share" saying it was a "secret", laughing it off, perhaps hoping to make people think it is some silly college frat nonsense.

It is likely much more than silly frat nonsense considering the power that accrues to members of such an ultra-elite club.

Here are a couple more or less generally accepted ideas concerning the enigmatic number, in case you're interested:

First, Genesis 3:22 is enshrined in occult circles, including Masonry, as a significant biblical verse concerning the "true nature" of humankind. This is the pivotal moment when God decides to kick Adam and Eve out of Eden, and the stated reason is in verse 22, because "the man has become like one of us, knowing good from evil..." Religious folk will rightly point out that it didn't end there, God further explains that Adam and Eve risked eating of the Tree of Life, where they would live forever. Sure, this doesn't sound like a "bad" thing, but in their state, having disobeyed God, their eternal life would have amounted to a kind of hell, so say religious thinkers.

However you might want to interpret it, this is the verse that occultists say affirms the deification of Man. Just like the Serpent said, "Ye shall be as gods...", many today insist on believing it. Apparently, our leaders act accordingly, arrogating unto themselves an "authority" over life and death, that traditionally belonged to God alone.

And then there's the story of Julius Caesar. There is a legend, said to be a highly protected secret amongst higher Masons, and others, that this historical figure did NOT DIE as history has reported. According to the story, Caesar was stabbed, left to die on the Senate floor, but was rescued, taken to a secret location, and nursed back to health. It was said that it was on March 22nd that he first opened his eyes again.

This became significant in the lore of various secret societies because Julius Caesar was supposedly their literal "father", and this was the date that he looked out onto what would be a "New World Order". As he lay on his bed recovering, he had been given a tremendous insight. He realized that he could rule Rome, and indeed the world, far better from behind the scenes than he ever could while having to deal with political realities and other inconveniences, that almost led to his death.

To address this new point of view, this new strategy to achieve power, he went about establishing secret organizations that would carry out his will much more effectively than ever before. He would rule, but he would do so in secret. And so would his successors...right down to our time!

Let's watch and see what happens this year. Many think that 2013 has been planned as a year of significance, being exactly 33 years from the foundation of the infamous Georgia Guidestones. This is a stone monument that has "threats" inscribed in stone, to kill off the majority of humanity, amongst other horrible things.

Yes, "33" is definitely one of "their" numbers, and many know the World Trade Center fell 33 years after it had been built, and on "9/11", a number that occultists also revere. They do like their numbers! But more importantly, they have no problem killing people, and that's the bigger point here.

So what's up with Obama being in Israel at exactly that time? If I was to guess, he might not want to be sitting around the White House...

Oh yeah, and we've got a new pope to be announced around this timeframe too, many say the "last pope" according to the St. Malachy prophesies? Hmmm.

These are sure interesting times we live in!

Friday, January 18, 2013

Please View the Videos, Educate Yourself Before It's Too Late!!

Both videos are excellent, and not very long.

First up, Dr. Suzanna Hupp testifying about how gun control cost her parent's lives. She is a victim of gun control, and she reads the worthless politicians the riot act!

DID YOU KNOW that the largest peaceful protest in British history was about gun control?



British Want Their Guns Back

Gun Control - A victims perspective!!!

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Gun Control Mindset KILLS KIDS at Sandy Hook

Well, we don't actually know if anyone died at Sandy Hook, but let's grant the possibility.

Was this just one more in a long line of false-flag events, or was it a total hoax, from A to Z, no one actually dead? Perhaps, but many occult symbols seem to be present, so it's entirely possible it was a "sacrifice" ordered by the psychopathic elite that run the USA. More likely, a bizarre mix of various elements that would boggle the average person's mind to even consider.

Either way, let's not get sucked into letting these beasts use this as an excuse to further infringe on the Second Amendment.

If anyone died that day, most of us will never know. We do know however that "gun free zones" are   dangerous places. Schools are especially vulnerable, and yet, this situation is easily corrected.


In Israel, even Kindergarten teachers have firearms. Guess what? You would be an idiot if you thought you could pick on a school in Israel. Even the mind-controlled Manchurian Candidates our CIA constantly create would have to be more intelligently deployed. Diminishing returns. They send the cocksucker out on a mission, and the zombie gets blasted before he does much damage.

Pretty simple, wouldn't you say?

US Fucking A...Get with the Goddamn Program!!

"Gun Free" = Sitting Ducks /  Stupid Fucks






It's this simple: We have a GOD GIVEN RIGHT to protect ourselves, our families, our property. Unless you're David in the Bible, you don't bring rocks to gunfights. You need to have the Great Equalizer. It is YOUR RIGHT!