Sunday, May 9, 2010

The Coming Slave Religion, Part Two: A Look At Religion Through the Eyes of Our Masters

In the last post, we considered the possibility that wealthy and powerful people might do all sorts of things to preserve their power and position. We might think of the world's "royal" families, or perhaps the infamous Bush or Rothschild clans. It seems reasonable to expect them to do whatever it takes to maintain their status, even if the world is moving away from monarchies and nobility. Some of the things they have done, and are likely doing even now, may involve espionage, "secret societies", and even the waging of all out hot wars.

Another thing they would likely find useful is religion. In many ways, religion can be shown to be beneficial to the "management" of people, and lends general order to a society, since "self-control" is easily more efficient than having to maintain huge police power. At a minimum, it can help preserve the status quo, but religion could be used "offensively" as well, not merely as defense. So let's consider religion in this context. As a multi-generational master of the universe, you might wonder what an "ideal" religion would look like, from your point of view. Since you plan on maintaining (even increasing) power, for you and your descendants, in perpetuity, naturally you focus on the factors in religion that would tend to further your goals. But alas, you are not god (yet!), and so you go "shopping" around the world, evaluating the various existing religions. You decide that each has some merit, but to be honest, you're not entirely satisfied with any one of them. Suddenly, the light bulb goes on! Why not just create the "perfect" religion yourself? Oh, you can't wait to tell Duke Grand PaPa your splendid idea!

As you finish your little speech about creating a "perfect" religion for your subjects, you are happy to see that the Duke seems as pleased with you, as you do with yourself. His usual wry smile seems especially in alignment with the sparkle in his eyes, and he has patiently listened to your plans, with obvious pride in his Blood. And while you would be correct in your deduction (he is proud of his Blood!), it isn't because of your brilliant idea at all! In fact, he puts his arm around your shoulder, and invites you to take a stroll...

"You have proved yourself ready for yet another family secret my boy." Your heart skips a beat. You recall the time when they shared with you the secret of "true marriage", and you relished the memory. "The fact of the matter is that we have been creating, infiltrating and controlling religions to serve our purposes...for centuries!" Your mind reels! Of course! It all made sense now!

Obviously a bit of fiction here, but could we not see some version of this scenario playing out in reality? Remember, there are very wealthy and powerful people, generations of families that not only have a "motive" to do such a thing as create a religion, but they might also have the means to do so. And today this would apply as never before!

In the last post, I mentioned Dianetics. No, it's hardly a "slave-religion" for the masses (too expensive!), but it is a good example of a recent man-made "religion" that had various purposes, easily beyond what was released for public consumption. Not to get into the whole affair, but it might be fairly "obvious" that one of the reasons for Dianetics has everything to do with "who" the members are. Many names we know, such as John Wayne, or John Travolta. People in the public eye. Regardless of what you believe about this "religion", there can be no doubt it is important, because the people influenced are important. Now, if you factor in the mind control that is their forte, and it's multiplied effect throughout the "audience", we might easily wonder who would have gained from putting together such a religion.

And so it is going back in history, as we evaluate various religions that seem rather well-suited to maintaining a ruling elite. We could begin with Christianity. As most know, the traditional version of this religion is essentially a believe-or-burn (forever) formulation. Automatically, we see that "fear" is the operative element. No, that doesn't mean it is "fabricated" by an elite, but it could easily indicate it has been subverted, or molded to fit into the desired paradigm of those powerful enough to subvert, and then gain by such a subversion. As a major "proto" religion for many Western variations, "Christianity" has been used, and continues to be used today, by those in power.

Islam is another major world religion that should be examined. Also utilizing a "fear-based" approach, Islam is the religion of a billion plus people in the world today. Those in "control" surely would have reason to subvert, exploit, and mold such a religion, even if at first glance the task seemed daunting. In fact, one way or the other, it needs to at least be "accounted for" as plans for total control are implemented. Not taking it into account could lead to blunders, and too many of those could possibly cascade into the eventual collapse of a powerful dynasty. Certainly, Islam needs to be understood, and then harnessed accordingly.

How about Eastern "religion"? First, we have to be careful not to include those "religions" that are actually philosophies instead. Sure, a philosophy can be dangerous too, but in general, their power pales in comparison to the fiery power of fanatic religion. So Buddhism, Taoism...they're out. Don't worry too much. Although, there are hybrid forms, such as Tibetan Buddhism that could be trouble, but fortunately, they are small, and virtually irrelevant at the moment. That leaves Hinduism. Fortunately for the elite, Hinduism, while practiced by a huge percentage of the world's population, is not "a" religion, but it is literally thousands of them. Not that it's completely irrelevant, but it's power is not necessarily "negative" from a control point of view. In other words, it would take a lot to get Hindus to cooperate in any significant fashion, beyond the cultural power beneath. Instead, the real "power" of the Hindu lies in the shear weight of their collective ancient myth. To simplify, we might call this a "Vedic" myth, or perspective. I would suggest that it has already been "harnessed" rather nicely over the past century in the form of what is today called: The New Age Movement.

Truly, religion is powerful, and we could easily imagine a modern Machiavelli counseling the wise use of it by his Prince. Next time, back to the present, and America, and on to: The Future...

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