Friday, May 7, 2010

Masonry, Mormonism and...Islam?? A Slave Religion for the Coming Plantation. Part One

Imagine that the world is your oyster! You have money, and power, prestige and even pride in your ancestry. In fact, let's further imagine having a "family tradition" that says your inherited wealth and power, and great position amongst mankind, has to do with your Destiny. From an early age, you are told that you were born to rule, and that "commoners" are born to serve. Only occasionally do you question these "inbred" notions, perhaps when you actually encounter a commoner who seems smarter than you, but no matter. They are poor, you are rich and perhaps even royal, and your ancestry goes back a long ways, proving how special you are. However, not all is as you might have it. For example, when you are old enough, you also learn that you are not going to be allowed to simply marry anyone you please. But, you don't worry too much about it, because they have explained quite conveniently the true function of "marriage", and it is nothing like the commoner version at all! Traditional marriage, in the Western sense is regarded as necessary to aid in controlling the unruly masses, but like most rules, they simply do not apply to the masters, only to the slaves. True, you might occasionally be tempted to lead a "simple" life, and wonder what things might be like if you weren't burdened with the Care of your subjects, but for the most part, you wouldn't have it any other way. And besides, it's your Destiny to rule!

No doubt, images of the British Royals swam in your mind as you read the above. Certainly there are people who, for better or for worse, are "born to rule". Of course, most of us might indulge in the notion that these old remnants of the past will one day be history, and all shall eventually be equal, and there will be truth and justice for all, etc. But "what if" the powers that be have no intention of allowing their vast power to slip away from them...EVER. Perhaps you feel this would be unrealistic, and you might even mention the "fact" that most royal families are already "history", which would seem to confirm the idea that the old ways are truly fading. But what if some, or even just a handful of powerful families today believed that it was their destiny to rule FOREVER? You know, even if they merely believed in such a fanciful thing, you would have to think that, with all their power, they could still do many things in their attempt to accomplish their goal. What would that look like?

Perhaps, as they began to discern the changing times, they would make use of all the power they had to "engineer" or manipulate events to their ends. They could perhaps start a war. Or maybe they would create organizations that seemingly had one purpose, but secretly had another. Or, they could simply infiltrate existing useful organizations, with the intention of molding them to their purposes. If for some reason, another dynasty proved to be a cross-purposes to theirs, they could bring entire nations into the battle. With such dynamics as these in play, even crafty outsiders might see incredible opportunities for profit, and get in on the action. In short, we would likely see a world "at war", with most of it going on in secret. A world a lot like we live in today.

But what of the title now? Masonry, oh of course, but Mormonism? And Islam, well, maybe that could be useful, seeing as how they were implicated in the false-flag attack of 9/11. But Mormonism? Pahleeze!

One thing that Mormon scholars have had to deal with over the years is the fact that much of their symbolism appears to have been "borrowed" you might say, from Masonry. Of course, for those who maintain that Joseph Smith was certainly a Mason, it would all make sense, but remember that the devout Mormon must believe that their religion is much more than that. After all, there were Golden Plates, and there is today a most special Book of Mormon, all "proving" the truth of what they believe. In other words, they believe their religion is divine, while the rest of us dismiss it as merely human. But let's suspend judgment just a bit perhaps, and wait to see what pans out.

Now let's put Mormonism aside for a moment. Isn't it interesting that Masonry "borrows" so much from...Islam? Oh, you haven't thought about it quite like that before? Ever see that scimitar (sword) on the Shriner's hat? How about the "crescent moon" and star underneath? Well, what do the Masons say? It seems that they regard their history as having direct roots in the Muslim world after all The way the story goes is that during the Crusades, some knights captured Jerusalem, and discovered Solomon's Temple. The Knights Templar is naturally what they called themselves, and it's a historical fact that after their time in Palestine, they became fabulously wealthy, to the point where major conflict developed with various royals who felt threatened by them. Masonry asserts that not merely wealth came of their "discovery", but even more importantly, secret ("occult" or hidden) knowledge. Again, let's not immediately dismiss these ideas. In fact, at the time of the Crusades, Europe had fallen far from the Classical Age, and learning was barely being kept on life-support in monasteries. However, in the Arab world, a sort of "pax arabica" had spawned a Golden Age, and everywhere in the Muslim world was learning and knowledge on the increase. Mathematics is the most famous Arab discipline that Europe received, but that was not the only thing. Medicine, literature, astronomy, etc. On every front, knowledge was expanding. So, looking at the old Templar story should not cause too much doubt, even if there was no Solomon's Temple. They may have easily absorbed important knowledge from what was at the time a superior culture.

Back to Mormonism now. It may be difficult to fathom, but if there were very powerful people in the world who wanted a useful club, organization, or even religion formed, they could make the necessary arrangements. A more modern example of such a contrived "religion" might be Dianetics. Either way, whether Mormonism was intentionally created for some reason, or not, it still may prove to serve "their" purpose. But we're not quite there yet. One thing we should do, as we look back at how Mormonism has been "used", and how it is being used today, and how it may be used in the near future, we must ask: Who benefits? And regarding the future, what might Mormonism have to do with Islam of all things? More on that in Part Two...


  1. It's very strange that you see more connection between Islam and freemasonry, than between Talmudic judaism and freemasonry, or Roman Christianity and freemasonry. I mean, after all, Freemasons were "Knights" Templars, Crusaders, not jihadists or anything. And a connection between Hitler and Muhammad? Muhammad being related to "anti-christ" figures? How is that exactly if he asked all his followers to believe in Jesus, revere him as a prophet [and] respect his virgin mother, Mary? How is that if even asked his followers to believe that Jesus will be the one to save humanity, not from our sins but from the anti-christ himself? What is your agenda, enlightened one? And why don't you do something more useful with your conspiracy research time than to make insinuations about a religion that calls people to not be enslaved to any humans, aliens, governments, orders, sects, priests, temples, churches, mosques, and to only ever be slaves to the one Creator?

    If you study psychology and history with conspiracy history, you'd realize that "submission" is genetic, it runs in humanity's blood. Humans will always submit, each and every human; it is only a matter of time and direction: when and to whom does a human submit. Some individual submit to the sun, others submit to cows, others to historical figures, others to statues, others to their BDSM Masters, others to their governments, and yet others submit to even money, drugs, addictions or alcohol. Humans submit, period, scientific and historical fact. So a religion that forbids you to submit to anything or anyone other than God, tells you to never fear anything or anyone other than God, has nothing to do with slavery, and everything to do with true freedom. And a man who respected every existing prophet, and who brought God's original message (to Abraham and Moses) back to monotheism from the deviation of Trinity, and who brought—among others commandments—God's message back to forbidding pork after the deviations of Romanized Christanity, just like things were in Moses's message (Jews do not eat pork), is a man to be respected and thanked for preserving God's true message of monotheism, not a man to be compared to Hitler. Have some academic fairness and objectivity, even if you think Jesus is your savior from sins.

  2. A tardy reply, forgive me. Thank you Rocca for your comment. I actually agree with a lot of what you say regarding the nature of humanity.

    I'm not sure why you cast me as Christian. I'm not religious, not partial to "them", or your version of reality either. Eating a particular food, like pork, is a silly issue, but thanks for bringing it up. Obviously a lot of people feel the way you do.

    In a way, you might count me on "your" side. My research suggests that Muslims are very much in the crosshairs of those who run the world, but probably not in the way you might imagine.

    It appears that Islam has been "chosen" by our masters to be the template for a future world religion, that will be suitable for the slaves on the "plantation" that they are preparing for us.

    Both of us should not be happy about this. For me, I don't want any religion, and for you, this new religion will not actually be "Islam", not as you know it anyway.

    Of course you're offended about casting Mohammed as an "anti-christ". That was probably the comment that made you think I must be Christian. No, it is an accepted term in the West that seems to denote a figure who is ultimately the "enemy" of humanity, in spite of appearances. Hitler, in his time, by a majority of Germans, was considered a "good" guy. As it turned out, he might not have been so good for the world.

    Of course, I understand if a Muslim has a problem with this. Christians don't like anything bad mentioned about Jesus. Mormons aren't happy if someone denigrates Joseph Smith. Are you impartial, or academically "fair"? Maybe not.