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The Coming Slave Religion, Part 3...But, What About...The Jews??

Few topics could be more controversial these days, but if we're going to discuss religion, we would be remiss in our duty if we ignored Jews and Judaism.  While this group is relatively small compared to others, their importance is magnified for several reasons.  First, theirs is the first "Abrahamic" religion, and obviously the two that followed, Christianity and Islam, are huge today.  Second, it is generally accepted that Jews, despite their smaller numbers, exert a disproportionate amount of power and influence in the world.  Third, Jews possess an “identity”, regardless of the religion they practice, or fail to practice. They do in-fact feel as if they are a “nation”, even if they live in hundreds of countries around the globe, meaning that they continue to have a loyalty to their own, no matter where they live. Therefore, their collective "role" if you will, should be examined carefully, especially as it pertains to our thesis, which involves a coming "slave-religion".

For centuries, Jews have been almost "universally" vilified, and most especially in Europe, where their numbers were greatest.  This being the case, it isn't hard to imagine that many Jews were in fact "victimized" by what had become a "cultural thing" in Europe.  Europe was mostly Christian of course, so in a way it was perfectly "natural" to treat Jews, Muslims, Gypsies, etc., as outsiders.  Even if some of these people "converted", they remained under suspicion, with the perfect example being furnished by the "Conversos" of Spain 500 years ago.  As the Spanish conquered the Iberian peninsula, Moors were driven further south, and Jews who chose to remain, were put in the difficult position of choosing either "demotion" to second-class subjects, or to "convert", and continue to enjoy the privileges that they had become accustomed to under the Moors, who had considerably softened by the Fourteenth Century.  As we know, many apparently chose to "convert".  While some conversions were perhaps genuine, it is generally held that most of these conversions were not true at all.  They were done for convenience, based on the situation, and so what evolved were formerly "Jewish" families, who now had a Christian exterior, but secretly maintained their Jewish tradition and identity.

So far, the above may not be terribly controversial, although no doubt there are those who are biting their tongues, thinking that the interpretation holds the Jews in a positive light that they haven't earned.  This could be because one way of regarding the history of the Jews is to assert that they "deserved" much of the ill treatment they received, due to their "disloyalty", usurious money-lending, suspected crimes performed in secret, etc.  Either way, it seems fair to say that, for whatever reasons, Jews have passed through an interesting history that I would guess explains much of what we see in Jews today.

And what might that be?  For starters, there is the instability in the Middle East, ever since Zionists found themselves competing with the Palestinians for the land that would become the nation of Israel.  No, this isn't saying the Jews are responsible for the instability of themselves, but it is curious that wherever they find themselves, it could even be said that "when" ever they find themselves, there is a clash, and there is no better way to say it, but it seems that everyone ends up "hating" the Jews.  Of course, this is hardly a "politically correct" thing to utter, but it's damn close to the truth, and many Jews over the past century especially, have written extensively about exactly this.  While you may not "hate" Jews, most perhaps do feel "hated", unwelcome, not trusted, treated as outsiders (in spite of smiles and handshakes, etc.)  Add to this the more recent unpleasant Nazi era history, and it's easy to see why Israel appears so "harsh" to the rest of the world.  In other words, Jews in general, seem to really believe that they have been unfairly "persecuted", and it's possible that many of their collective actions are at least partially explained by this shared viewpoint.

This situation suggests a rather unhealthy dynamic of course, not that different than that of many other racial groups that feel persecuted, or interpret their particular histories with continuing bitterness toward the historical oppressor.  Black people in America may easily "relate", as they look back at not just the slavery of their ancestors, but even very recent institutionalized discrimination, especially in the South.  It could be said that this shared history "colors" their outlook.  Are you a white man, who has a black employee?  You aren't just the boss, but you're "The Man"!  And even if you both get along just fine, even if you both enjoy true friendship, there is a "something" there in between, and there's little you can do about it.

And so, the Jewish "subculture" if you wish, certainly contains unhealthy elements due to their perceived history, and explains behavior in the same way as it does when considering any other racial group.  But here's the big difference:  As mentioned in the first paragraph of this post, Jews seem to exert far more power than their small numbers would lead one to believe at first glance.  No, this isn't just a faulty perception.  If you have read any articles intended for Jewish readership, perhaps in a Jewish periodical, or on a Jewish website, one thing you come away with is their laudable sense of pride in their accomplishments.  No, this isn't a bad thing at all, anymore than it is wrong for black people to take pride in having Barack Obama as president.  But it shouldn't be too controversial to state that Jewish wealth and power, compared to other peoples, gives them an edge when it comes to important decisions in politics, medicine, law, and yes, even religion!  In every area you can find a strong Jewish representation.  Probably the best example is Jewish influence in the media.  It would be no exaggeration to say that they "own" much of the media we turn to when we want news and entertainment.  Further, this isn't something denied necessarily by Jews, who may justifiably take pride in the fact that their people are making such giant strides.  But arguments are still going to arise when interpreting what this means for the rest of us.  Because with such power should come responsibility, and yet, if there is one certainty, power corrupts...

By now, some may have decided that we are surely leading up to "antisemitism", even though we have managed to pretend for a while.  But that's not where we're going, unless you choose to "color" it so.  Instead of trying to figure out how the Jews are manipulating things, or leveraging their obvious power, we need to take a hard look at how the Jews might themselves be "used"!  No, this isn't what "either side" normally would prefer to consider, but I believe it's relevant to the world's situation today, so at the risk of irritating pretty much everyone, I'm going to tackle it.

Jews today find themselves in positions of power more than at any other time in history, worldwide.  Sure, we have a "black" president in the US, but his cabinet has incredibly strong Jewish representation.  And so did "W"'s cabinet, and as far as Clinton's, well it's almost legendary.  It could be fairly said that "most" top government positions are occupied by Jews.  A recent Supreme Court nominee?  Jewish.  Name the most powerful lobby in the US?  Is their job to secure continued funding for Israel?  And on and on.  Is it any wonder the Arab world considers the US and Israel as virtually the same entity?  Recognizing these things should not be considered anything more than calling a spade a spade.  It is our present reality.  And this situation does not just exist in government, but in other important fields, such as medicine and law, Jews have seemingly gained remarkable ascendancy, for what ever reasons.  In short, we must consider the fact that Jews literally "dominate" the US, in the most important ways.  When you consider the fact that this is also much the case in other nations as well, it isn't hard to see why some "conspiracy" theorists cast serious suspicion on Jews, and boldly wonder what they might be up to.

After all this, I would suggest that it's still quite possible that worldwide Jewish leadership, as obvious as it is, is anything but obviously nefarious.  As many Jews might point out, their "rule", if you would characterize it that way,  is benign.  They are good doctors.  Good lawyers.  True, many are on the more "liberal" end of the political spectrum, but by and large, they have championed the rights of the downtrodden, etc.  And besides, if there was a "Jewish Conspiracy", how on Earth could such a thing really work?  Are they giving out orders in the synagogue?  Do they all belong to secret organizations, and communicate with secret signs?  You see, when you think it through, such a thing begins to collapse.

BUT, when considering the possibility that the Jews, as a cohesive subcultural group, could be "used" in some way, here we should not be too quick to dismiss the possibility.  Because to do such a thing would NOT necessarily require a widespread "conspiracy".  The "manipulation" of the Jews could be accomplished by simply harnessing their unique traits (good or bad), or perhaps more believable, we might ask, could the Jews, as a cohesive people, be effectively "guided", if such a thing suited those "really" in power?

I think that the reasonable person would answer YES.  Just as various minority groups throughout the world have been "manipulated", so it could be with the Jews.  Were the blacks involved in civil rights protests "guided" back in the 1960's?  The evidence shows they were, more than some would like to believe.  Who was always the head of the NAACP (until relatively recently)?  No, not Martin Luther King, Jr., but Jews.  No, this shouldn't be regarded as a kind of vilification of Jews at all.  Perhaps many honestly believe this was yet another manifestation of Jewish civic responsibility.  (In fact, it is part of the Jewish identity to regard themselves as something of a "gift" to mankind.)  Right or wrong, it was correctly determined that it was the "right time", and that black anger could be a useful catalyst for change.  This is history, and it is rather recent too.

Now let us imagine that we are that fanciful "Prince" from earlier posts, yes, of Machiavellian flavor.  You believe your destiny is to rule, and you have considered the strengths, and weaknesses of the Jewish people.  After all, the more you think of it, it seems that they are uniquely suited to help further your goals.  How so?  They have this admirable loyalty to their own, and you have observed that if one is being attacked, the others quickly close ranks, and protect.  In fact, even if certain Jews have expressed contrary views (as an example, perhaps they are anti-Zionist), when another Jew is being attacked, they seem to be able to put many of their own differences aside.  In short, the old saying comes to mind:  Blood is thicker than water.  And you approve, because such a beautiful idea is nowhere better expressed than in your own family lineage, where only your noble Blood is sacred.

You look to their weaknesses.  You notice how convenient it is, the world already hates them!  Nice.  You wonder how best to use these people.  In fact, the more you think of it, the more you resolve to bring the matter to the King's attention (your father).  You explain the matter to him, and you can see he likes your idea, most certainly he approves, he is nodding his head as he always does when such is the case.  But when you finish, you see the huge smile breaking out on his face, and it is too reminiscent of the one you remembered on your grandfather's face, years ago, when you had first observed how useful it would be to create a religion.  "My boy!  Walk with me..."  Your father, the august and mighty King of the realm, now shares with you the news that your incredible family has already "been there, done that"!  "And the Nazi's father?"  "How could it be otherwise?!"  Once again, while you are surprised, you're really not.  You feel that old sense of pride welling up.  "Truly, we are born to rule!"

I would submit that such a scenario has likely taken place, in some way, already, and perhaps longer-ago than we dare imagine.  You might learn one day about the "Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion", and see in them (now over a century old), some very provocative and prescient "directions", ostensibly for the Jewish people at the time, which seem to have "come true".  No, I would not care to automatically characterize the infamous Protocols as just another Jewish slander, but Jews should take another look at them, and instead of taking the knee-jerk route, look again.  Forgery?  Probably.  But regardless of "who" wrote them, Jews should consider the possibility that they are in fact a bit of "evidence" that they "might" be victims, yet again, but in a way that might make "Nazi" sound nice.  Because if they are being manipulated somehow, it could explain a whole lot.  Further, we should ask that if this is the case today, how can the Jews get off the train at all?  Even those few who recognize the extent to which they are apparently being used are treated quite badly by their own.  It reminds one of the black subculture, where perhaps a smart young man decides he would like to study math, or go to college, etc., and from his own people he will be slammed as an "Oreo", a wanna-be white, etc.  When do they stop to consider how such an attitude (regarding learning as "white") is exactly the kind of thing that is their "real" problem!  And if the white man really was their enemy, you could even go further, and imagine that terribly retrogressive idea being intentionally "planted", a long time ago on the plantation.

Yes, such notions are a "stretch" for today's media-immersed chaser of bread and circuses, but the general notion at least needs to be considered.  Why?  Because the whole point is that segments of the human race are being used to further an agenda that may indeed one day lead to the total enslavement of mankind!  It's that "Big". Again, in a nutshell:  The mere fact that a people (any people) possess "identity", is the very reason they can / are being used by the powers-that-be (and yes, some of these hidden masters may indeed be Jewish as well!).  Please stop your knee from jerking, and consider this: Hitler used the Germans. Is it so hard to imagine that Jews were the first to see the “power” in their own people, and therefore the first to exploit such a power? No, this doesn’t mean that Jews are behind it all, but they seemingly have a large piece of the pie. The world is indeed a play, and we all merely players, but I would submit that the role of the Jews is hardly a bit-part in the Play.

Next time, we'll get back to the perfect Slave Religion, because it's coming...

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