Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Occultists Run the Show, Whether We Like It Or Not...Plus, UFO Alert!

Probably one of the most infamous recent events, 9/11, is so utterly riddled with occult indications, one would have to be blind not to see them. Look them up sometime. Things like the number “11” everywhere, or multiples thereof (110 stories tall). The buildings look like an “11” of course, the date, when they were constructed. On, and on. Oh sure, could all be a “coincidence”, right? And if we suggested that this means that it was done just this way, by intention, we would have to ask, “who” could possibly “engineer” such a fantastic series of apparent “coincidences”? And further, WHY was this done, especially considering the enormous loss of life involved?

Whoever they are, with the advent of 9/11, they have just “demonstrated” a level of power far beyond what is “normally” imaginable, at least to the common man in the street. No, they don’t care what you or I think, but amongst themselves, they clearly decipher the event as of their doing, and to their ultimate ends, since their clear fingerprints were intentionally left on it, albeit in a cryptic manner. This helps fuel their “faith” if you will, in what might be called The Plan. Not to mention, if 9/11 was perpetrated by diabolical occultists, they have now tipped their hand for us too, those few of us who can see. We should get the message, yes, they are prepared to callously KILL thousands. And if thousands could be justified, why not millions…or even BILLIONS?

By the way, we do have an upcoming festival that our occultist masters celebrate, it’s called Beltaine. No, not quite as much fun as they have at the Bohemian Grove at the end of July, but starting on April 30th, it is a two-day pagan festival going into the big Socialist holiday May 1st. Eleven days after Hitler’s birthday (nice). On the day of the founding of the Illuminati, May 1, 1776. And 66 days later, July 4th, 1776? That’s a “good” day, isn’t it? Numerology would take the seventh month, and add it to the fourth day, producing another insidious eleven. (By the way, don’t forget that the Sun operates on an eleven year cycle.) And what of the 1776? A pivotal year, for with the May 1st date, it also signifies “666” numerologically.

Strange stuff, and the religionist can have a field day with the three sixes from the Bible. But, this diabolical number does in fact seem to figure in somehow, whether you are a "believer", or not. Numerology is taken quite seriously, and since this infamous number does appear to occur by intention in various places, it is logical to conclude that those in power have assigned it importance.

SO, the folks that run the show are "occultists". There are some who don’t even know what an “occultist” is, and probably don’t care either, but the real point here is that they are "BAD". They're bad to the bone. Occultists perpetrated 9/11, and they are in charge of the USA. If they are in charge of the USA, it wouldn't be a stretch to say that somehow they are in power, worldwide too, for all practical purposes.

If someone, perhaps some group of people, has this kind of far-reaching power today, then much of what we hold dear is an illusion. Did you vote for president? Under this "conspiratorial" world-view, your vote doesn't matter. Another way to put it is that Clinton, and Bush, and Obama...they were selected, and their policies are those of the ones who put them in office.

If this "hidden hand" (as Benjamin Disraeli put it), if it is benign, or if our rulers are benevolent (even though hidden), then perhaps no one should care. But there is a very good reason the powers that be remain hidden. They are not benign, They are not what the regular common person would consider "good". In fact, they are very, very EVIL, as evidenced by their known actions, such as 9/11.

Would our masters kill "billions" of people, if it suited their Plan? Of course they would, they have already killed many millions! In fact, they are planning that very thing even NOW. We go about our business, we eat, we work, we sleep. And they patiently work The Plan.

What are some of the indications we have of "how" they will accomplish their stated goals? (Yes, they are stated, even written in stone...at least 6 billion people must die for their plan to be realized). One big part of their Plan that has been in the works for many years has to do with...UFOs!

Everyone agrees that if there was a "threat" from Out There, the planet would gladly "unify", to fight the common foe. A big theme in a lot of science fiction. But if such a thing happened (or seemed to happen), as an "invasion", and in the end there was a unified, One World government, wouldn't that probably be a good ending? Well, for the 6 billion casualties, define "good"!? This idea is not new, it is one that has had much time and resources invested in it, and recent news items also point in this direction as well.

Did you know that one of the moons of Mars was recently found to be HOLLOW? Soundings were done indicating that inside are many "rooms", large spaces, angular walls, etc. The outside of this moon also looks "artificial", now that close-up photos are being released. Could it be? The name of this moon is Phobos, Greek for "Fear"... (And if you want the sequel, the other moon is called Deimos (Terror!). Obama recently signed an accord with the Russians, and then immediately after went to Florida to discuss the future of NASA. Things may be moving right along for what has been called "disclosure". What this means is that an official announcement could be made that says, "We are not alone...".

But the operative word is FEAR. Our masters are going to make some serious hay out of this. A couple of days ago, another announcement from that most famous quadriplegic physicist, Dr. Hawking. He suddenly tells us that there are almost certainly aliens, but get this, that he does not think it's wise to contact them! Why? He puts it rather ominously. "When the white man came to America, it wasn't so good for the Indians..."

The amount of power our masters have is mind-boggling. If the time is "right" for this UFO affair, then it's going to make 9/11 utterly forgettable. Already, most of the world's population has bought in to the 2012 "Doomsday" story. Add to this the introduction of "aliens", who kill people by the millions?

Phobos was "chosen" it seems for a very good reason...

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