Sunday, April 4, 2010

What "They" Want: To Control Everything, Including You!

You can always tell when someone is a conspiracy nut, because they love to use the term "they" when identifying whoever is responsible for the various bad things "they" are up to. Ask them who "they" are, and you won't always even get much of an answer, but to be fair, most do have some vague notion of who "they" are, and if they're conspiracy nuts, they'll be happy to let you know.

Could be they're convinced it's the new (or former) president, the one they didn't vote for, and the stupid/terrible people behind him. Or maybe it's just the government. Don't ask "which one", because it's a dumb question! Surely you KNOW they're not talking about the government of Alaska! Maybe they've been around the pike a few times, and have come to believe in shadowy forces BEHIND the government. You know, the Masons. Or the Jews. Or the super-wealthy. Or maybe even the British Royal Family!

And why stop there! If you're really "in the know", you're going to have to eventually lay the woes of the world at the doorstep of the Vatican. Yes, now there's an obvious choice. But we can't stop there, can we? Because if you're one of the very few, perhaps you've been let in on the Big Secret, that it's actually the Black Pope (not that German guy dressed in White, he's just window dressing!). Of course! It all makes sense now! Black people just pretend to be oppressed, when in fact they're secretly in charge! Oh how simple it all is, when you are in-the-know. Is it any surprise Obama is now called Mr. President? Duh!

But we're not done yet, because that guy in charge of all those Chester-the-Molester priests (called the "Jesuits"), well it's HE who must be the one who's really pulling all the strings! Oh yes, and haven't you heard? The "Black Pope" is really an old white dude, who takes his orders direct from Satan himself!!

Hey, and we haven't even mentioned 9/11 yet. But come on now, can so many people be wrong? One or more of the above conspiracy theories would have to be at least "partly" true, wouldn't you think? OK, so let's go with it a little, and see where it takes us.

How about the idea that "the Jews" are really behind it all. It's not just a popular idea, it's a rather traditional one too, been around for a while. On the one hand, you might actually know a Jew, or be one yourself, and right there decide it's not going to work for you. But on the other hand, it does seem like Jews run Hollywood, right? And aren't there a whole lot of 'em in top government spots too? And a ton of them are filthy rich! Plus, how else could Israel have ever come to be, unless they had a whole heck-of-a-lot of power? You know, we might have something here...

Or what about the Catholic Church. They've been around quite a while, seems like they might be a good choice. And come to think of it, weren't they always pushing around the Jews? You know, if they weren't burning their books, or worse, burning their children, right?, they were obviously behind getting them kicked out of country after country, right? So, in this case, it seems possible that "catholic" trumps "jew". Sheesh, it's not that hard, it's just logic my friends!

But wait! A howl of protest has erupted from the Catholics, who know their history better than that. No one ever burned children for crying out loud! And speaking of getting kicked around, wasn't it to Rome that many Jews went, to get satisfaction from the Pope, who felt so sorry for them that they were even given their own ghetto, complete with papal protection? And pahleeze do not forget Pope Pius XII (the pope in WW2), who actually HID Jews within the Vatican! And shall we forget John Paul II? Heck, lots of people said he had a Jewish grandmother!

OK, OK. Fine. Maybe no one is "guilty" for the mess we might just as well call, "The Way It Is". After all, why not have a "nice" conspiracy theory that doesn't pick on anyone, or at any rate, takes the blame to the very tip-top, and lays it on the desk where Bucks Do Not Pass? Maybe we can all just agree that God, or Whoever is ultimately in charge, just set the whole lousy game up this way, for his own good reasons. "It's just the way it is."

OR, what if "they" would just love it if you chose any one of the above!? Finally, we might be approaching the "truth" of the matter! No, let us not too hastily reject the notion of conspiracies, they're a FACT of life, even if you haven't figured out which one is best just yet. How could there not be conspiracies, when in every family there might be quite a few? Oh come on now, haven't you thought about it that way before? "Don't worry honey, we won't tell Mom (Dad) about it. It will be our little secret!" "Yes dear, Uncle Chucky shouldn't have done that, but do NOT worry your father with any of this! Uncle Chucky won't do it again, I promise. Now, let's go get that ice cream cone!" "Daddy's girl, right? Don't tell Mommy, she might get jealous!"

No, you're not a "nut" if you suspect that such very human behavior, is entirely scalable. 9/11, JFK, Pearl Harbor...We might hear them laughing in the private chambers, "Just let enough time go by..."

Objection! "You simply cannot hide anything as large as 9/11. I refuse to believe that our great nation had anything to do with this crime. Why is it so hard to believe that Arabs (who hate our freedoms!) would do this?!"

No, this is not a piece about 9/11. Carry on, believe what thou wilt. But the point should be clear that conspiracies first of all are as real as can be. And second, they can be far bigger than merely hiding the family molester from common knowledge. Of course, allowing molestation to go on for generations is hardly small, but that's another story. Real conspiracies, large and small, are part of the human experience. By the way, if you find yourself still in the knee-jerk mode, rejecting this notion, then it's time to quit reading. Stop, go back to your television for further instructions, and try to forget you ever considered anything that might be unpatriotic, or politically incorrect. In fact, shame on you for still reading this!

As for the rest of us, it might be important to take a small step back at this point, and consider the enormous hostility, the fear perhaps, or the lack of seriousness, and even our own "knee-jerk" response when confronted with this pesky word "conspiracy". Can we acknowledge that we may actually suffer some level of "programming" here, societal or otherwise? If so, from whence could it have originated? Considering that conspiracies are logically the norm, that indeed they must exist, that they are in fact the most likely explanation for many things around us, then shouldn't we wonder why we have seemingly developed a blind-eye to this sort of thing? How did such a thing happen? Has it always been this way?

To answer that, just head back up to the beginning of this piece. Let's have our fun. Let's snicker at the silly conspiracy theorist! That's mostly how, and it seems to work, especially if the media cooperates (for whatever reasons). The better question is "Why?" Here we're dealing with something ingrained now in our culture. Considerable effort must have gone into establishing this generalized attitude, today accepted by the majority. And certainly Ben Franklin and Thomas Jefferson, they were not shy about the nefarious forces afoot even in their day, and wrote about them, so at least back then, things weren't quite as they are now in this department. Yes, it is likely decades in the making, but perhaps even centuries...

First of all, stop your knee from jerking. Centuries? Folks, this business is serious, might I even say, "dead" serious, especially after so many years of mounting human casualties. But centuries? In fact it has now been FIVE centuries since Machiavelli penned his famous work The Prince. In his masterpiece of worldly advice (as given to The Prince of the title), the person who seriously seeks greater power need only follow the book's diabolical prescriptions to achieve their greatest ambitions. Without spelling it all out, the book recommends the use of extreme dissimulation to achieve it's ends, and yet it also insists on keeping the subjects happy with the notion that they enjoy a benign ruler. Of course, their ruler is hardly benign in reality. In fact, he best operates without true mercy (only pretended is allowable), in secret, and amongst carefully prepared lies for public consumption, that all help him to achieve his goals.

Does this still sound a bit too crazy? Well, look it up, it's actually considered Political Science. In fact, we would be foolish to imagine that at this late date, such a "craft" is not only alive and well, but it should in fact be the rule, and this of itself, explains a whole lot. We do live within a "matrix" if you will, and it has been carefully prepared by those who have a plan (for us). No, you shall not be privileged enough to get a peek at the various plays in their play book. No, you can't even really know who "they" are! Or can you? Perhaps we'll take that up the next time.

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