Wednesday, April 21, 2010

How Was Your 420? Drugs And Another 2012 Conspiracy!

These days most people seem to know what "420" means. Maybe some of the older folks out there still don't, but keep reading, we'll get you up to speed. "420" is drug culture code, and it doesn't mean just one thing, but for now, let's just say it's "time" to smoke some weed. As in, 4:20 PM.

As for many subculture slang terms, trying to understand the connection between the term, and it's meaning, is not always easy. One of the popular stories that is told about how 420 came about went back to the early 1970's. A group of high school kids in San Rafael, California, called the "Waldoes", used to meet after school to smoke pot, under the statue of Louis Pasteur, and the convenient meeting time they had agreed upon was 4:20 in the afternoon. It doesn't take too much imagination to see how from there, the mere mention of "420" was enough for the group's communications to morph in various ways about their favorite activity. And today, you probably guessed, it's gone full-blown, and has become a national pot smoker's day.

So, who cares, other than pot smokers? Well, for one thing, if you took 420 and turned it into a DATE (April 20th), you might start to wonder if the story about the Waldoes was true, or just a nice cover for something more sinister. Anyone important born on this date by chance? How about Adolph Hitler? The prophet Mohammed? Surely a coincidence!

Here's another interesting coincidence. That statue of Louis Pasteur, father of microbiology, who gave us vaccinations...could he have something more to do with "420" as well? And if somehow there is intention behind these strange coincidences, what could it be? What kind of person, or people would come up with odd stuff like this, and why?

Of course, the minute you ask questions like these you have already entered the Twilight Zone. But, just for fun, let's see where it goes...

Mohammed. No, this isn't an attempt to bash a religion, but we should ask ourselves, what does he symbolize, and what "connection" might he have to Hitler, if any? Today, in the West, Islam is certainly seen by many as "at war", regardless of who perpetrated 9/11. Hitler was also at war with the world so-to-speak. But really, isn't it a stretch to insinuate connections between people born centuries apart, just because they happened to have shared a birthday? And yet, wouldn't it be just incredible if such a connection did exist?

Well, these two historical figures are connected by more than just their birthday. How about a birth YEAR? Now I'm going to bring in another number, to see if it somehow helps. 666. (You probably guessed!) Christians know this figure is mentioned in the last book of the Bible, and it's supposed to indicate who Antichrist is. Whether you are a believer, or not, one thing to understand is that we may be dealing with "believers" of some type. But more on that later.

Two "solutions" to the puzzle in the 13th Chapter of Revelation about the Number of the Beast have to do with "when" you begin counting. The first could be to use the ancient Olympiad count, which began in 776 BC, and goes by fours, with some adjustments in between, due to the lack of a year "zero", etc. The second solution involves the beginning of the Julian calendar in 45 BC. Each solution points to a person. In the first case, the "year" indicated comes to 1889 AD. In the second case, the year is 622 AD. Are you seeing it? Hitler was born in 1889 of course, easy one. And Mohammed? Well, 622 AD was not his birth year, but even more significantly, it is "Year One" of the Muslim calendar (for reasons you can look up if you choose). This brings us round to Hitler again. Could the year 1889 also be "Year One" of some kind?

Oh my goodness, and we began with 420. And what of Louis Pasteur? In 1862, on April 20th, Pasteur's lab assistant Bernard completed the first test that would lead to the process called "pasteurization". Oh stop now with these coincidences!

By now, I've surely lost most readers, but if you're still here, hang on a bit more. Let's take yet another approach to discovering what "420" might really be about. Ask any pot smoker you know, and they will tell you that these numbers have a "hold" on them. Why? Because the numbers are now wired into their brains as "time to smoke"! And everyday, actually twice a day, when the clock comes 'round to 4:20, they are hit with that old urge. Rather insidious, especially if you're trying to quit, isn't it? In fact, it almost sounds too good to be true for the pot "industry" if you will. To have a "program" embedded into your customers that works like clockwork! But quo bono, who benefits? The drug dealers certainly benefit, but "who" are "they".

"They" call themselves "The Company". In fact, they have done so for centuries. Ever hear of the East India Company? Yes, they were instrumental in turning many Chinese into opium dependent slaves, with plenty of profit going right back to the Crown. Today, the CIA also calls itself "The Company", and their main business? Drug trade. Worldwide, they run the best part of the show. Is your kid an addict? Just your tax dollars, hard at work!

Obviously, we've stumbled into a hornet's nest. And the big question still remains. Who's "calendar" began in 1889? If "their" calendar counted differently, say, by elevens for some reason (it's the Sun, look it up), where are we at today? Well, 9/11 was in 2001. Adding eleven to that brings us to 2012. "They" are the occultists who literally run the world. Whether you "believe" or not, the fact is they believe. They do things for their reasons. Why should we care? Because it's not just your drug-addicted kid who they tossed into the dust-bin. Millions of casualties, more mount by the day. And my goodness, 2012 is just around the corner!


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