Sunday, March 28, 2010

eBay's Suicide Assisted by Infamous Dr. Donahoe

John Donahoe, CEO of eBay is the biggest reason for seller frustration, although many do not yet realize this. Going right to the top has always been a good way to discover why things are the way they are. And so it is with eBay, and with all the Orwellian changes now confronting sellers. Of course, most sellers reeling from the constant barrage of changes hardly have time to think about how or why things have gotten so bad. But when they get a moment, they will realize that the biggest changes have come down under Donahoe.

Changes such as the infamous "No Negative" policy, now almost legendary in it's obvious stupidity. Or the "Five Star" DSR system largely developed by eBay's Brian Burke, a titanic blunder that is still unfolding into what may signal the not-so-far-off death of eBay. And still more nefarious changes that few become aware of, until it's too late. Changes to policies that are now literally SECRET, often blatantly subjective, and even defy any means to quantify. If you think this is mere hyperbole, or exaggeration, all you need to do is speak to one of the many eBay reps, "Account Managers", whose job description has now become to micro-manage sellers out the exits, who don't meet the super-secret Orwellian eBay vision of the future.

Are you a serious seller, perhaps with impecable feedback, even higher dollar volume? Chances are that the more "successful" you are, the more eBay will subject you to their microscope, demanding things that are beyond anyone's imagination, even a year ago. This can not end well! eBay is in the process of committing suicide, and few seem to realize how dire the situation is.

Back to Donahoe. He is the reason for what sellers are experiencing, and this is why. He has been contractually promised immense bonuses that he can only claim by trashing the future of eBay, and in the process, the lowly seller who might stand in his way. It is not unlike a politician who gains office with all manner of lies, but once he is in, predictably begins to line his pockets, at the expense of his constituents. And if the matter of re-election should come up, a small period of bribing and lying to the electorate is granted briefly to achieve the short-term goal. And the process repeats, ad infinitum. But as we look around today, after decades of greedy politicians on the take, what's left of the country? What's left for our children? This is exactly what is taking place now under the mad sociopath Donahoe.

If you own eBay stock, look out, you're going to get raped. When the infamous "Doctor" sails into the sunset (on his mega-yacht!), the patient will be left for dead, and the once great eBay will be no more.

Are you a seller? I would welcome your comments!

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