Sunday, March 28, 2010

Ebay and the New Economy: Closing Off the Exits

It's 2010, and there's a New World Order breaking out, and it's being ushered in at break-neck speed by the New Economy, or in other words, the Greatest Depression ever. Amidst the turmoil, the jobless, the increasingly hopeless, the broken lives of regular folks, who used to count themselves as "normal" there not still "opportunity" in this great nation of the United States of America?

Ten years ago, the answer would have been a very confident YES! But today, few people feel this way. For the jobless, they can never recall a time when so much rejection has come their way. Perhaps they have experienced unemployment in the past, but for those going on two or more years of a serious job quest, there can be no doubt things have drastically changed. Hope is fading fast, especially for those over the age of 40, or worse, for those who might still hope for half their former salary. And even the humble those who have resigned themselves to minimal wages, they too are still met with utter disappointment.

For those of us who are self-employed, we have had a rough road as well, but many of us can relate to having friends and acquaintances who knew of our previous success, and now wonder if they can get on that same bandwagon. "Hey, you do eBay, right? I've been thinking of doing something like that!" Of course, the only reason they're thinking about it is because of this damn economy, but we must answer something. "Well, things are not the way they used to be!"

Ebay has changed drastically, and mostly for the worse. What made it great has been abandoned, thanks mostly to the tragic blunder of putting a sociopath like John Donahoe in charge of a company that can only really prosper respecting it's entrepreneurial roots. But it's short-sightedness, and self-destructive mania, which will eventually result in company failure, could not have been timed any worse. Because the incredible power of what ebay "was", is desperately needed TODAY.

This Greatest Depression, which has prematurely put out to pasture millions, has destroyed the hopes of the young, ended marriages, and made decent families destitute, would have far less power if there was today a way to "escape", as in days gone by. But things have changed. No, it's not the Old West, it's not the Reagan Era...and it's not that special time only a decade ago where ANY decent entrepreneur could get on to eBay, and write their own ticket. Today, that route of escape has been sealed off, since eBay has become a place for only the very large corporatist sellers (with some casual sellers and former hangers-on for transitional window dressing). No, the recently unemployed single mother today can't really go to eBay and expect much at all. This exit has been sealed off, and just when we needed it most!

Perhaps it is merely a coincidence of timing, but there are those who might wonder if there's more to the story. Surely it's not a "conspiracy"...Pahleese do NOT mention that damnable New World Order! You conspiracy nuts never stop!" Fine. We will believe what we will, as it ever has been. But for those of us who remember what eBay was, what it represented, what it did for the true entrepreneur, it's huge power...we dare not dismiss the possibility that others noticed this too. If eBay continued to be an empowering force for the masses, if it retained the potential to help virtually anyone who had minimal motivation and resources, then this situation might have ot change, if there was a "higher agenda" if you will, by those who had the power to foment exactly what we are experiencing now, the Greatest Depression.

WHY would anyone do anything like this on purpose? Pay attention: Because they can, and because they must break down the entire world, in order to rebuild it again, to their own liking. Fabian Socialism. It's come to eBay. It's alive and well in the USS frigin' A. It's here to stay...or is it? What shall WE do?

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