Sunday, July 14, 2013

Zimmerman Not Guilty, But the Media IS

No matter what we individually think about the verdict in this latest "top news" trial, the fact is that the media played a central role throughout the whole sordid affair. And why is this?

The sad truth is that this is just another example of the public being manipulated by the media. How so?

Let's first ask, why is this case so damned important to begin with?

Is it because such things are rare, people being shot in the midst of their violent acts?

Maybe it's because of the youth of one of the parties in this tragedy. Surely, 17 year-old black kids being shot must be what is so rare, meriting all the attention of the media.

Or, is it that self-defense is such an unusual plea, when things go wrong?

Maybe it is because Obama poked his nose into it. Well, that could make it "news", but he came in well after the fuse had been lit. By the media.

Was it really "race profiling", and the perfect example of what can go wrong with it? If so, then perhaps it is just a responsible media wanting to bring much needed attention to an issue too often ignored. Right?


OR could it be that The Powers That Be saw enough drama here to be useful in their plan to keep the black community "angry", knowing that it was very likely that Zimmerman would have to be acquitted. Think about it. Way back in the beginning, there was probably a good reason the cops didn't arrest Zimmerman, and charge him. They had seen the (lack of) evidence. But, thanks to the media, he was eventually arrested, and the political circus began.

Hmmm. Why would they want to do such a thing?


Unfortunately, black people have proven that they are easily controlled. It doesn't take much to push their buttons, inflame the simmering rage that lurks just beneath the surface.

Of course, can you blame them for being so angry?

YES, and NO.

No, we shouldn't want to lean too hard on blacks who feel like victims, when the media messages constantly reinforce, reignite, and inflame their rage, by selectively propping up cases that seem to "prove" the never-ending injustice they have been conditioned to accept as their "reality". From their point of view, anger is well justified.

But, YES, we might be tempted to blame blacks for remaining so angry, when all the facts show that things are often the exact OPPOSITE of how they feel. What if their anger is NOT so justifiable after all?

BLACK CRIME is the huge elephant in the living rooms of the liberal media. The issue of black crime is so large that it makes our media appear to be downright negligent, if not worse, in their constant false portrayals of black victimhood.

IN FACT, black-on-white crime is hugely disproportional, even mind-boggelingly so, and yet, the media persists in painting away these facts.

Black "kids" killing white babies, in front of their mother? That's apparently not news.

Black men invading a home and brutally beating and raping a white woman in front of her young kids? Well, that was last week's news! But, why haven't we heard about it?

WHY? Could it be that the media is protecting "us" from something like an inevitable "white rage" that could one day become a battle cry in a "race war"?

This may seem farfetched, until we realize how manipulated we are. What happens when the day comes along that the media decides to turn the tables? Then what?

How would this look? Well, for decades they have kept black people "angry", and by all appearances, on the brink of violence, riots, etc. The pump has been primed.

But what happens when white people "discover" some unsettling statistics about black crime? Perhaps the media will begin running stories that include almost unbelievable statistics, like black STD rates, or such as how it is so much more likely that a white woman will be raped by a black man, than a black woman by a white man.

How much more likely? How about 7,500 times more likely! You read that right. Over seven-thousand times is it more likely that a rape will have been committed by a black on white, versus the other way around.

As incredible as that sounds, it's just one of an ocean of statistics that are far more than just troubling.

The MEDIA NEEDS TO BE MADE ACCOUNTABLE for such monstrously disproportionate selective reporting. They are not merely misleading, they are LYING, and in a very big way. There probably will be consequences at some point.

WE ARE BEING MANIPULATED! Both black, and white, and all the rest, we are being manipulated. We can so easily be set up for whatever they want. They could very well be engineering an eventual unleashing of violence that few expect, and may not even see coming.

AND HERE'S THE TWIST...It could be that blacks were always the ones that our masters planned on getting the short-end of the stick. Maybe when they think the time is "right"...?

Sure, it may not look like it now, but think about it. Even if a race war never materializes, every time there is a riot, just who do you think mostly ends up hurt, imprisoned or dead? Yep. BLACK people, mostly.

Black people, are you being played? I think we are ALL being played.


Let me ask you, dear reader...


I'd like to hear your comments.

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